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‘Your (socially-distanced) Flight to Happiness’ online course…

‘Your (socially-distanced) Flight to Happiness’ online course… I’m writing this post on the fourth anniversary of the publication of my Amazon bestseller ‘Your Flight to Happiness: A 7-Step Journey to Emotional Freedom’. Within a couple of days of being available for sale it reached number 5 in the Amazon UK Popular Psychology bestseller charts – […]

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Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Using Your Mind Power to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Set Yourself up for Success with Your New Year Resolutions. Take some time to think about the changes you want to make and how you’re going to go about making them and write down your goals. Writing things down gets them out of your head and makes them more real and you can go back to look […]

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Happiness Expert

Your Flight to Happiness: A 7-Step Journey to Emotional Freedom

My Flight to Happiness… So, how did I come to write my book about Your Flight to Happiness? Well, for years I’ve thought about writing a book – but the time was never right. There was always a ‘but’. But there are already so many self-help books out there, but I wouldn’t know where to […]

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Happiness is a Choice

  My work is ultimately about helping people to feel happy. So many people don’t realise that happiness doesn’t come from other people, outside experiences, or material goods, enjoyable though those things may be! Neither happiness, nor unhappiness, are caused by what’s going on outside of us, happiness is an inside job. How we feel depends […]

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Off to the vet

A lovely sunny October morning. My cats are booked in with the vet for their annual boosters. Feeling very calm, I get the cat carriers from the garage and put them into the ‘smallest room’ in the house, just to make things nice and easy. No resistance as I gently carry Tigerlily into the room, […]

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Time for Reflection

  So here we are, about to enter the second week of September, the kids are back at school/college/uni, Summer holidays over for most of us, and Autumn is in the air. Time for reflection… Where has the time gone since we were making New Year Resolutions, or at least setting goals or intentions, for 2014? […]

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Mind-Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

The mind body connection is so powerful, your thoughts can either create or heal disorders and disease The Placebo Effect Most people have heard of the ‘Placebo Effect’. The term placebois generally used to describe a medicine or procedure, which has no physiological effect on a person, but because of their belief that it’s real, […]

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The Power of EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as EFT Tapping,  is a highly effective self help tool which can be used to release mental, physical and emotional issues. EFT Tapping was recently featured on the BBC TV news after doctors in the Midlands piloted tests to be carried out on it’s effectiveness.  Of 36 patients suffering from […]

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Is ‘The Secret’ aka The Law of Attraction working for you?

  You’ve read and/or watched ‘The Secret’ aka The Law of Attraction, read the Abraham-Hicks books, you know what you want – what you really, really want – and you’re visualising every day, but nothing is happening…   ‘Why isn’t it happening for me?’ I hear you cry… Well, could it possibly be that you […]

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New Year reflection

New Year Resolutions 2014

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Personally, I choose not to… We can make changes any day of the year, so my attitude is – why wait until New Year? Having said that, the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one can be a really good time to take stock […]

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