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Amy Jennifer O’Neil

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I used Toni to help with confidence issues. She was brilliant. Kind, friendly and easy to talk to. I had a major presentation to give with a lot of pressure to deliver and with my confidence being so low the anxiety was dreadful. After 3 sessions with toni I learned some great techniques to cope with anxiety and successfully delivered the presentation to the best of my ability and hardly felt the nerves at all. Very impressed and will probably go back to quit smoking too! 

» Gvv1982

Hi Toni, I wanted to let you know that on the 10/10/12 I gave birth to a little girl, we have called her Grace. The techniques that you taught me enabled me to remain calm and focused during the birth. I was able to deliver her just using gas and air and because I was so calm I surprised the midwives as they hadn’t realised I was as far along into my labour as I was. The established labour was relatively short and I’m sure that being able to remain calm helped to manage the pain. Thank you very much for your help.

» Laura Paterson

Toni was recommended to me by a mutual friend, and I went to see her with a number of issues, some of which were long-standing and had been exacerbated by more recent stressful life events. Toni is a lovely lady and I found it very easy to open up to her and tell her about my problems. I could be completely honest with her, and I have told her things which I have never admitted to anyone else. She is a great listener and offers sensible, practical advice without being judgmental.

She also introduced me to a number of techniques such as EFT which I have found enormously helpful, and slowly I am turning my life around, and changing a few long standing bad habits. For example, I have always been a nervous flyer, but thanks to Toni I undertook a flight recently where I felt relaxed and confident throughout. The last time I saw her was for help with an upcoming job interview, and thanks to her I sailed through the interview without feeling nervous. She has also introduced me to some wider reading, which has been a big help.

I am so glad to have met Toni, and it is a source of comfort to me that, should I ever need help again, I can turn to her. I heartily recommend her.

» Springer

As a coach and trainer myself it is great to meet and especially have the privilege of experiencing a session from somebody who can do a fantastic job and get the results they promise as unfortunately in the past I have worked with other therapists who have delivered much less than they promised. However, I myself have been studying and teaching about the mind and emotional development for 20 years and I can truly say that Toni is definitely what she says she is.

It is near impossible for us to access our own minds without support, but only a skilled therapist knows what to do and how to do it. Toni gracefully and elegantly helped me gain access to something that over 30 different therapists who I had worked with in the past had not. I’m very proud to offer this testimonial as results are all that count and very happy that I have found somebody I can truly trust!

» Paul Ryder


I found it difficult to find someone I felt I could trust and feel comfortable with for hypnotherapy, until I found you Toni. The safe and supportive environment was essential for me and ensured the success of your service. I have learned and improved so much that I feel the benefits from it every day and in a way it changed my life. I’d like thank you for this.

» Steve

Toni really helped me overcome a number of different challenges during the past years, ranging from presentation phobia through to anxiety about key life decisions I had to make. Her approach is incredibly sensitive and Toni is someone you can really connect with.

Not only did Toni help me overcome some specific challenges, but she also equipped me with tools which are helping me deal with the new challenges which life inevitably produces! I cannot recommend Toni enough, she really can help.

» Matt Thompson

Toni helped me at a time where I had nowhere else to go. Phobic, with separate sleep issues – 2 years down the line I haven’t looked back. I had a further debilitating issue, one phone call, one session, and it went. Whatever you pay, there is no price on the quality of your life – I wouldn’t hesitate to have hypnotherapy once a year if finances would allow. I know I will visit Toni again in the future – hypnotherapy is the best healing session ever and I was lucky to find the right hypnotherapist the first time – thank you x.

» Lesley Toft

Toni guides you through her counselling sessions with sincerity and in a very caring way. She makes you feel at ease and with her different approaches gets you the results you are looking for.

» Bert Blankers

I received pyschotherapy treatment in order to prevent feelings of anxiety when driving (following a car accident). Hypnosis was carried out and different psychotherapy techniques were applied. I found them extremely beneficial as all techniques were clearly explained and practised. This then allowed me to find and apply the best technique that worked for overcoming my fear when driving.

» Connie Vitello

In recent years I had developed a fear of flying, however I did not want this fear to prevent me from travelling and seeing the world. I attended two sessions with Toni three years ago – one focused on EFT and the second was hypnotherapy. The results were incredible – I felt much more relaxed when flying.

Since then I have flown may times including a three month around the world trip. I would recommend that anyone who has a fear of flying should given this a go – for me it was money well spent.

» Laura Johnson

I attended a natal hypnotherapy session to promote a more confident birthing experience. I found the session with Toni extremely useful. In addition to the hypnotherapy sessions Toni also provided me with a range of other tools to use such as EFT techniques and visualisation techniques. Prior to the session I was quite anxious about giving birth even though this was my third child. I also felt anxious about how a new addition would impact on our family.

However, I found my birthing experience was wonderful, I managed to use the techniques to remain calm, focused and used minimal pain relief. The midwife said she had never experienced anyone being so calm and in control during labour particularly as I was induced! I would absolutely recommend natal hypnotherapy.

» Melissa Perry

I was given positive ways of how to deal with situations, and felt my own individual circumstances were listened to. I felt inspired when I visited Toni at Inner Depths, and will continue to use the advice I was given.

» M.Townsend

I found ‘Inner Depths’ to be a very satisfactory part of my development and I would recommend it to anyone. I also found Toni Mackenzie to be of the most professional integrity and is a credit to her profession.

» Kevin Robinson

Recently diagnosed with colon cancer and facing a serious operation and recovery period I decided to seek help to give me a positive attitude to both the operation and recovery. I researched the internet for the service I required and came across Inner Depths which seemed to offer what I required.

I subsequently made an appointment with Toni Mackenzie and I am convinced that the help she gave me had a massive impact on my mental attitude going into the operation, which was a total success. Also coping with the aftermath and recovery through which, thanks to her, I have been extremely positive and is progressing really well. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.

» David Robinson

I went to see Toni hoping for some help in dealing with some problems I was having. She taught me particular techniques such as EFT, which I easily learned how to use in my daily life & which have become invaluable to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Inner Depths to anyone.

» Louise Scialom

I went to see Toni as I was suffering with night terrors as a result of a phobia. Using hypnotheropy to identify the cause Toni then provided me with several self help techniques including EFT (Tapping), the switch and anchor techniques. These along with the hypnotheropy have worked really well and helped me to overcome this problem.

» David

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