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A lovely sunny October morning. My cats are booked in with the vet for their annual boosters. Feeling very calm, I get the cat carriers from the garage and put them into the ‘smallest room’ in the house, just to make things nice and easy. No resistance as I gently carry Tigerlily into the room, close the door, put her into the pink fabric carrier, with mesh inserts to see through, and close the zip. Smile to myself at how easy it was, as I set  off to find Poppy.  Pick her up, no worries at all about popping ‘big softie’ into the other carrier, a solid one with a metal gate. That done, we’ll be straight off to the vet…

As I open the door to the ‘smallest room’, Tigerlily shoots out, obviously having done a Houdini act! Can only  guess I must have left an inch gap at the end of the zip, and she’s managed to force it open. Poppy sees Tigerlily, apparently running for her life, gets freaked out and turns from ‘big softie’ into ‘snarling ferocious monster’ with legs splayed and claws out, fighting to set herself free.

I finally manage to get Poppy into the carrier, but each time I attempt to fasten the metal gate at the end, she pushes against it and it comes off. Decide it will be easier to put her into the other carrier, the fabric one with mesh inserts, the one Tigerlily just escaped from. Get her in and zip it up, making sure it’s all the way this time. Not too much blood on my hands and arms.

Begin searching 3-storey house for Tigerlily. Eventually find her under a bed. Fail to tempt or persuade her to come out so have to wriggle under and grab her. Stroke her and talk to her gently as I get her into the carrier, quickly clip the metal gate shut, breathe a sigh of relief, and put her in the car.

Go back into the house to discover 3 holes ripped through the mesh insert of the fabric carrier. Formerly ‘big softie’, now ‘snarling ferocious monster’ Poppy, still hissing and trying to claw her way out. Get her into the car before she manages to rip the whole thing apart, and drive off to the vet. Within half an hour I’ve gone from feeling ‘cool, calm and collected’, to ‘hot, stressed and dishevelled’, but miraculously arrive just one minute late.

Boosters done for another year. Thank God. Going to have a lie down…

(Definitely lessons to be learned, as I devise a new plan for next time!)


Illustration above by Simon Tofield, creator of the wonderful Simon’s Cat books and Youtube videos www.simonscat.com.

His new animated film ‘Off to the Vet’ is currently being created.

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