Meet Toni

Hi, I’m Toni Mackenzie

I’m on a mission to set people free from negative thinking and emotional pain

Do you hold yourself back, feel you’re not good enough, and tell yourself  “I can’t” instead of “I can”?

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or having difficulties with your relationships?

Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking so much?

I can help you feel calm, relaxed and confident, create happy, healthy relationships, and achieve your goals!

‘If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never have a negative thought’ The Peace Pilgrim

If you’re wondering why I’m on my mission to set people free from negative thinking and emotional pain and feel so passionate about helping others make positive changes in their lives, read on… 

I’ve learned over the years how to release my own negative childhood messages and limiting beliefs, create new positive beliefs, let go of the past, take responsibility for the choices I make in my life, and live the life I want to live.

I’ve learned how to change my own mind-set so that I am able to feel calm, relaxed, confident and happy, pretty much wherever I am, who I’m with, or what I have, and I really love sharing the powerful teachings, tools and techniques I’ve discovered and used, with anyone who is ready and willing to do the same.

Are you ready to do what it takes to empower yourself and change your life…? 

My Journey to Self Empowerment

12 years a convent school girl… Not quite ’12 Years a Slave’, but definitely endured rather than enjoyed. Indoctrinated with man-made religious teachings of guilt, shame, feeling ‘not good enough’ and staying small

Childhood messages… Strong interest in psychology but ‘not good enough’ conditioning combined with messages that my role was to marry and have babies, led to belief that further studies or developing a career was not for me. Work for advertising agency. Uninspired. Move onwards and upwards – 453 feet above ground level – as hostess in the new revolving Tower Restaurant.

Spread my wings… Fly higher from restaurant hostess to air hostess – as we were then described. From 453 feet above the ground to 30,000 feet in the air! 6 months on promoted to training stewardess. 4 years on, pursued simultaneously by 2 regular passengers, airline pilot working overseas and well know TV and film actor (considered at the time for the role of the new James Bond!). Choose pilot, marry 12 months later, give up job to start family.

Still no babies… 4 years, 4 house moves, 14 trips overseas, 4 pets (2 dogs and 2 cats – substitute babies), various tests and treatments – still no babies. Feel sad. Unfulfilled. Take up yoga and meditation. Searching. Read ‘Bring out the Magic in Your Mind’ by Al Koran. Feel I’ve awakened from a dream. Excited! 

Miracles do happen… Read ‘Creative Visualisation’ by Shakti Gawain. Create vision board, visualise, imagine, pray. (Didn’t know back in 1986 it was all about ‘The Law of Attraction’ – as taught in ‘The Secret’!). 9 months later, miracle baby son arrives, 2 years later, miracle baby daughter. Building dream house. Life perfect. Have all I ever wanted.

My world turned upside down… Discover husband’s affair. Feel betrayed, in shock. Disbelief, hurt, sadness, devastation. Trust gone, divorce agreed, dream house sold. Husband takes entire equity, leaves country. Homeless, jobless, penniless, fearful, single parent to 3yr old daughter and 6yr old son.

Starting over… Find home to rent. Discover inner-strength. Begin to rebuild life. Take psychology course. Pass with flying colours. Read ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. Feel my fear and sign up for counselling course anyway. Train for 3 years. Read endless number of self help books. Learn, grow, qualify as a counsellor. Move from Victim to Victor.

Moving forward… Study Practical Philosophy, Spirituality, Complementary Therapies. Diplomas in Reflexology and Nutrition. 1st, 2nd and Master Level Reiki Attunements. Continue to learn and grow through self-development books and workshops. Counselling singles and couples. Step out of comfort zone. Write and run ‘Self-Esteem & Confidence’ courses. Co-facilitate ‘Building Positive Relationships’ courses.

7 Year Itch… 7 years on, counselling no longer enough. Become aware of the power of the subconscious mind. Qualify in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, EFT/Tapping, and Life Coaching. Learn how to release negative childhood messages and limiting subconscious beliefs. Discover the power of positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Epigentics. Feel excited, empowered. Want to share my discoveries to help others empower themselves. 

December 2005 – Inner Depths Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching is born…


August 2015… The time has come to share what I’ve learned to a much wider audience by writing a self-development book.

May 2016… ‘Your Flight to Happiness: A 7-Step Journey to Emotional Freedom’ is published and becomes an 5* Amazon bestseller!

Toni Mackenzie is an authority on how to quickly change your life by changing your thoughts and reach your full potential. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over 25 years, initially studying psychology and practical philosophy before qualifying as a therapist. She draws upon her knowledge and experience as she shares with you her powerful combination of therapies, tools and techniques in her fast-track bespoke Transformational Therapy Programme. This programme includes Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, RTT andMindset Coaching, each highly effective methods on their own but far more powerful when grouped together to help you make the changes you want to make in the shortest possible time.

Toni is a fully qualified professional Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Counsellor, EFT Tapping Practitioner, NLP Therapist, RTT Therapist and author of her Amazon best-selling self-development book ‘Your Flight to Happiness: A 7-Step Journey to Emotional Freedom’. She has been a guest on BBC Radio, Capital Radio, and various other local radio station programmes many times, contributing as an expert in her field and also regularly offers advice and information on various issues in the media, via magazines and newspapers.

For more information or to discuss fees and options available, call 07845 188869 or email toni@innerdepths.co.uk

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I’m interviewed and videoed by James Green, brother of my friend Carrie Green, at her initial launch of the Female Entrepreneur Association in Alderley Edge, Cheshire in 2011. 

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