New beginnings…

As I write this post, it’s Easter Sunday and the last day of March 2013. Easter is a time which is symbolic of resurrection and new beginnings. A new month begins tomorrow, a new season has recently begun and will soon bring with it warmer Spring temperatures and new plant growth, the time on our clocks has been moved forward one hour, leading to longer, lighter days for British Summertime, and a new financial year begins in less than a week.

As we reflect on these new beginnings, we can focus our attention on what new experiences we’d like to have and what we’d like to accomplish over the coming months. We always have a choice. We can choose to just drift through life without any goals or intentions and allow things to continue as they have in the past, or we can choose a new way of being, start to look towards future with feelings of hope and positivity, and believe that we can create the life we want to live.

When we dwell on the past and carry with us negative feelings of resentment, anger, hatred, blame, guilt, low self esteem etc., we create negative feelings within ourselves, send out negative vibrations, and attract even more negativity to ourselves. When we focus on the future, worrying and feeling anxious what might go wrong, we also create negative feelings, vibrations and experiences. Instead, we can choose to let go of negative thoughts of the past and future, shift our attention to the reality of the present moment, and focus positively on the things we want in our lives, rather than those we don’t want. When we do this, we are able to create good feelings right now, even before we receive or achieve the things we want. By creating good feelings inside of ourselves, we begin to emit positive vibrations, which go out into the Universe and attract more and more positive experiences and people into our lives.

So make this day a new beginning for you. Make it the day you plant the seeds and begin to create the life you want to live, taking control of your thoughts and feelings, and taking responsibility for your life.

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