Sports Performance

Improve Sports Performance with Hypnosis, NLP and EFT

Improve Sports Performance with Hypnosis, NLP and EFT

Imagine how good it would be to be able to relax, let go of any self doubts, and give your best possible sports performance every time you perform or play…

Fully qualified hypnotherapist Toni Mackenzie can help you improve sports performance with Hypnosis, NLP and EFT, using the power of your mind to achieve success in the sport or game of your choice…

The most successful sportsmen and women train not just their bodies, but also their minds to reach their peak performance. Many Olympic medal winners have talked about how they repeatedly practised seeing themselves in their mind’s eye as winners, before going on to become winners, and it’s possible for you to use similar methods, to improve your sports performance with Hypnosis, NLP and EFT.

Toni has worked with many professional golfers, footballers, runners, swimmers, riders etc., helping them to greatly improve their performance and achieve their goals using NLP visualisation and thought changing techniques, EFT Tapping to remove any anxieties and limiting beliefs and Hypnotherapy to help them feel calm and relaxed and reprogramme their subconscious minds. These methods have helped thousands of people achieve success so there is no doubt that they do the same for you, whatever your sport, and whatever stage you are at right now.

Change Your Life…

Toni Mackenzie can help you change your life and reach your full potential by sharing with you a powerful combination of therapies, tools, and techniques, including Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Life Coaching. These methods have been proven time and time again to be highly effective and work far faster than more traditional methods of Counselling and Psychotherapy alone.

Toni is available to work with clients at her consulting rooms in Altrincham, Cheshire, and in Manchester city centre at the prestigious King Street Pall Mall Medical Private Clinic.  She works with clients from all over the North West of England including Hale, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford, Sandbach, Congleton, Northwich, Crewe, Sale, Stretford, Chorlton, Didsbury, Cheadle, Stockport, Poynton, Salford, Trafford, Lymm, Warrington, Liverpool, Merseyside, and beyond…

If you are not within travelling distance of Altrincham, Cheshire or Manchester, Life Coaching, EFT Tapping & NLP sessions can be carried out by Skype or phone with clients from virtually anywhere in the world. Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling sessions are generally more effective when carried out in person.

To book an appointment, call 07845 188869 or email toni@innerdepths.co.uk

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Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching, Manchester, Cheshire

Extensive List of Sports


Jumping Triple jump Long jump High jump Pole vault Running Sprints Middle distance Long distance Relay races Hurdling Steeplechase Throwing Discus Hammer throw Javelin Shot put Walking Golf

Sports involving Animals

Bullfighting Camel racing Pigeon sport Equestrianism Quarterhorse racing Steeplechase Equestrianism Thoroughbred racing Harness racing Polo Buzkashi

Combat Sports

Aikido Ba Gua Boxing Brazilian jiu jitsu Capoeira Chess boxing Fencing Hapkido Iaido Judo Ju-jitsu Karate Kempo Kendo Kickboxing Krav Maga Kung-fu Mixed martial arts Muay Thai Naginata-do Pradal Serey Pencak Silat Sambo Sumo Taekwondo Tai Chi Chuan Tang Soo Do Wing Chun Wrestling Wushu

Sports using bicycles or uni-cycles

Cycling Bicycle polo BMX racing Cycloball Cyclocross Mountain bicycling Mountain unicycling Road bicycle racing Track cycling Triathlon Unicycle trials

Extreme Sports

Adventure racing BASE jumping Bodyboarding Bungee jumping Footskating Kite Surfing Kiteboarding Ice climbing Indoor Surfing Motocross Mountainboarding Paragliding Parkour Rock climbing Skateboarding Snowboarding Wakeboarding Surfing


Artistic gymnastics Rhythmic gymnastics Sports acrobatics Sports aerobics Trampolining

Competitive Dancing

Ballet dancing hip hop dancing ballroom dancing jazz dancing tap dancing modern dancing lyrical dancing Irish dancing

Vehicle racing

Air Racing Motorsports Auto-racing Karting Motorcycle racing Motorboat racing Yachting


American handball Combat robot Dance Sport Disabled sports Fives Foosball (Table football) Footbag Haggis Hurling Jai-Alai Keysport (La Llave) Modern pentathlon Ringo Tetherball Triathlon

Sports not based on a specific field

Aerobatics Aeromodelling Amateur Radio Direction Finding Ballooning Caving Casting Canyoning Fell running Flying disc Gliding Hang gliding Mountain-boarding Mountaineering Orienteering Parachuting Paragliding Scuba diving Skydiving Sled-dog sports Sport fishing Sport flying Surfing Zorbing

Strength sports

Bodybuilding Dwarf throwing Power-lifting Tug of war Weightlifting Zourkhaneh

Racquet or racket sports

Badminton Ball Badminton Paddleball Platform tennis Pington Racquetball Racquets Racketlon Real tennis Soft tennis Speed-o-Ball (Speedball) Squash Squash tennis Stické Table Tennis Tennis Tennis Polo Xare Lotball

Skating sports

Artistic roller skating Bandy Figure skating Ice hockey Inline speed skating Inline hockey Rinkball Rink hockey Roller derby Roller hockey Roller skating Roller speed skating Short track speed skating Skater hockey Speed skating Synchronized skating

Sports in which skis or snowboards are used

Alpine skiing Downhill skiing Backcountry skiing Off Piste skiing Biathlon Cross country skiing Nordic skiing Dry ski slope Freestyle skiing Grass skiing Nordic combined Roller skiing Skateboard Skibob Ski flying Skijoring Ski jumping Ski touring Speed skiing Telemark skiing Snowboarding Snowshoeing Freestyle snowboarding Extreme snowboarding

Sports that use sleighs

Bobsleigh Luge, Land luge, Street luge, Road luge, Skeleton, Toboggan, Wok Racing

Target sports

Archery Kyudo Atlatl Billiard Sports Billiards Bar billiards Carambole billiard Pool Snooker Trick Shot Snooker Bocce Boccia Bowling Calva Croquet Curling Darts Golf Disc golf Speed golf Golfcross Horseshoe throwing Laser Tag Lawn bowls Marbles Matball Pall mall Petanque Shooting Skittles Trugo Lotball

Team sports

Airsoft American football Australian rules football Bandy Baseball Basketball >Beach Handball Beach Soccer Beach Rugby Broomball Camogie Canadian football Canoe Polo Cheerleading Cricket Curling Danball Dodgeball Eton Wall Game Fistball Floorball Football (soccer) Footvolley Futsal Gaelic football Gateball Goalball Handball Field Hockey Hornussen Hurling Ice Hockey Inline hockey Kabaddi Kabucha Toli (also called Stickball or Toli) Kickball Korfball Lacrosse Lotball Mesoamerican ballgame Netball Paintball Pesapallo Petanque Polo Ringette Rinkball Rink hockey Road hockey Roller Hockey Rounders Royal Shrovetide Football Rugby Cuffleball Sepak Takraw Shinty Skater hockey Skittles Slamball Softball Speedball Takraw Tennis Polo Tchoukball Throwball Ultimate Ultimate Frisbee Underwater hockey Volleyball Water polo

Water sports

Swimming Triathlon Rescue swimming Water polo Synchronized swimming Fin swimming Water aerobics Water gymnastics Snorkeling Synchronized diving Open Water Swimming Diving Scuba-diving Apnea Underwater hockey Underwater photography Boating Bodyboarding Canoeing Canoe Polo Dragon Boat Racing Fishing Hydroplane racing Jet sprint boat racing Kayaking Kite surfing Motor Boating Powerboat racing Outrigger Canoe racing Parasailing Rafting Rowing Sailing Skimboarding Surfing Splash Padding Splash Pad Tubing Wakeboarding Wake skating Water skiing Windsurfing

For more information call 07845 188869 or email toni@innerdepths.co.uk

Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching, Manchester, Cheshire

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