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‘Your Driving Test Success’ audio book & hypnosis session


What does it include?



A full hypnosis session you can listen to as often as possible as you prepare to take your driving test, programming your mind to feel calm, relaxed and confident and pass your test with flying colours…


A 5 chapter audio book on how to use the power of your mind to help you pass your driving test, and the importance of also looking after your physical body as our minds and bodies work together…

How will it help you?

By listening to this audio-book and self-hypnosis recording leading up to your driving test, you’ll be taking yourself towards that magic moment when you hear the words “I’m happy to tell you, you have just passed your driving test”!


Driving test success CD

Don’t Let Driving Test Nerves Spoil your big day 

It doesn’t matter how well you can drive , if your nerves get the better of you, you wont be able to perform at your best on that day. That could mean failure. you will then feel you have not only wasted all that time and money, but your confidence will receive a blow, and that wont help when and if you decide to do it all again.

If you are one of the many people who suffer from nervousness in exam or performance situations, then this audio programme is for you. If the little voice inside your head is telling you that you’re likely to fail, then you probably will. By listening to this hypnotherapy audio book and CD set you can change your inner voice and pass your driving test feeling calm, relaxed and confident, and a fully competent driver.

Your Driving Test Success 
5-Chapter Audio Book + Hypnosis mp3 download


Pass your driving test hypnosis CDPass your driving test hypnotherapy CD

Part 1 – Discover the hidden power of your subconscious mind ! You have within you enormous potential that in most people is untapped. This audio book will teach you how to unlock this power which will enable you to take full control of not only your emotions but the whole way you behave and deal with stress. These tried, tested and proven techniques are used by many of the world’s top professionals from musicians, artists, athletes, footballers, in fact people in all walks of life who have to perform at the very peak of their profession. This audio book will teach you how to use techniques such as creative visualisation, anchoring techniques and affirmations to name a few.

Part 2 – is a full hypnosis session with Toni. This hypnosis session will take you safely into a trance state while she programmes your sub-conscious mind with positive suggestions about passing your driving test.



Learning to drive involves a large financial investment, so it really is in your own interest to pass your test sooner rather than later. Our programme will help you train your mind and focus your mental abilities to pass your test, saving you a re-test fee, more lessons, more money, more waiting…

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