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Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT Tapping, and how it works…

As promised in my last blog post, here is a more detailed explanation of how EFT Tapping works. Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful method of creating balance within the body’s energy system by physically tapping with the fingertips on specific acupressure points on the face and upper body. It works to release unwanted negative […]

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The fight or Flight Syndrome

Anxiety and the Fight or Flight Syndrome…

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a type of fear. There are different types and degrees of fear, some fears are justified and even helpful to protect us when there is a real threat or potential danger. Anxiety however, is a fear of things that haven’t actually happened and is brought on by the thoughts we […]

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How to lose weight with Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP

The Weight Loss Battle So many people struggle to lose weight and battle with over-eating, excessive dieting, binge eating and other eating disorders, but why is it so difficult to eat less and maintain a healthy weight? When we were babies we just ate the right amount of food for our bodies and then stopped, […]

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Stop smoking hypnotherapy in Cheshire

‘Stoptober’…October is the month to stop smoking…

As Mark Twain once said ‘Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.’ Thousands of people have pledged to stop smoking during the month of October with the National Health Service campaign ‘Stoptober’. It’s a great idea and hopefully many of those people will […]

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Hypnotherapists in Cheshire

How do Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Work…?

How Do Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy work…? Have you ever had a problem or an issue that you really want to change, get rid of, or take control of? Very often, your rational conscious mind knows all the reasons why it would benefit you to make the changes you want to make, yet there seems to be another part of you […]

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Reveal your X-Factor with Hypnotherapy, EFT, and NLP.

Do you have the X-Factor…?

Over the weekend I watched the TV programme ‘The X-Factor’, a talent show for people who believe they have the potential to become successful singers. Contestants have an audition in front of a panel of judges, who then decide whether or not they are outstanding enough to go forward to the next round. Like most […]

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The Power of Self Belief…

‘If you think you can, or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re probably right.’ Henry Ford. Why is it some people grow up with a strong sense of self belief and others seem to set themselves up to fail time and time again? Our beliefs create our reality, whether they are positive or […]

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The Key to Inner Peace

(God) grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. The Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr. Depending on your beliefs, you may choose to leave out the word God, or replace it with any other word you prefer […]

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Seven year phases to self-empowerment, using hypnotherapy, EFT, and NLP.

Reflecting on seven year cycles…

Just recently I decided to create a new website to represent who I am and where I am now. I felt I’d outgrown the one I’d shared with a colleague for the past 7 years, and this led me to reflect on how much my life had changed over the years, and how there seemed […]

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